Home 3D ADEPT MAG – N°4 – Vol 3 – July / August 2020

3D ADEPT MAG – N°4 – Vol 3 – July / August 2020

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In this July/August Issue of 3D ADEPT Mag, we are addressing a new series of topics that are in line with the current challenges in the additive manufacturing industry.

In the “Dossier”, we explored the use of Additive Manufacturing in the oil, gas and maritime industries. These industries are set to be a major adopter of AM, but the current environment is subjected to volatility. DNV GL and Guaranteed have been invited to share their point of view on a few questions.

The Metal AM Segment addresses the different ways to define AM candidacy for production applications. 3DEO’s Application Engineer Julien Cohen has a well-defined method to approve AM as a production method but other companies such as Senvol also do.

Is Distributed Manufacturing (DM) a form of Sharing Economy in the AM industry? In this segment, we’ve realized that DM is not an easy-to-implement business model. Advantages are well known but challenges still need to be addressed. Italian 3D Printer manufacturer WASP was our guest in this segment.

Focus on YOU Series: As an Additive Manufacturing Company, when do I need an air technology solution? More importantly, which one fits my needs? This second part of the “Focus on YOU series” gives us the possibility to understand how and when an AM company should leverage ULT’s air technologies solutions.

It’s only been three years they have been in the 3D printing industry and we have not heard the last of the company. The Interview of the month features the story of a chemical giant’s efforts to deal with the fast-growing 3D Printing market.

EVENT: TCT Asia was the first 3D Printing/AM event to be held in-person in China after a long period of events’ cancellation due to the Covid-19 pandemic. This segment describes an overview of the Chinese Additive Manufacturing market through the eyes of JSJW New Materials Co., Ltd.

Yariv Sade, Director of Applications Engineering at Stratasys was given the floor in the Guest Column to discuss one unique topic:  Re-imagining Product Design – 3D Printing and the CMF opportunity.