15-watt dual laser beam system, a laser head for your 3D printer and CNC machine

Endurance Lasers LLC invented 15-watt diode dual laser beam system with wavelength 445 nm.

We combine 2-laser beams together in one and a single laser beam.

We use NICHIA NUBM44 / NUBM47 445 nm powerful laser diodes. However, in 2018, we discover that laser diodes have different polarizations.

Now you can upgrade your 3D printer and a CNC machine with the most powerful diode laser module on the market. Infinite diode power. Ultimate cutting and engraving abilities.

About the 15-watt diode dual laser beam system

The basic idea is quite simple. We take two beams and a polarizing prism. Beam 1 has to have a vertical polarizing vector while the second should have a vertical polarizing vector. This allows for the combination of two beams in one.

The good thing about 2 beams combined in one is that they can be well focused and can have a focal depth of 3-5 mm that allows to remain in focus while cutting.

In fact, the laser beam spot is about 0.12-0.125 mm (which is quite small)

For further information about polarization, have a look at this video  and discover how to combine beams into one device in this video footage from Edmund.

Our solution: 15 watt PRO

Learn more about the 15-watt PRO unit here and the 15-watt upgrade kit.

Cutting abilities

Power: 100%

Speed cutting: 500 mm / min

Air assist: 60 L / min (Hailea air compressor) – Using air assist is quite important to get clean cutting edges.

Type of materialRepeats
NameThicknessDensity15W (15000 mW) dual laser system10W (10000 mW)
Mm | inchg / cm^3MinMaxMinMax
Cedar plywood3.5 | 1/7’’0.392234
Moroccan plywood (3 ply)2.5 | 1/10’’0.482234
Birch plywood (3 ply)3.5 | 1/7’’0.74568
Marine Plywood (3-ply)1 |1/25’’0.8545
MDF3 | 1/8’’0.87910

15-watt laser is easy to install and wire

On most 3D printers you just need to wire to FAN1 pin and hook it hear the extruder. As for CNC frames that is quite easy as well you need to wire to PWM + ground.

Laser box ver. 2.0

The laser module is equipped with an advanced electronics with Mo2 PCB that enables to run the laser from analog (0-10V) and from PWM (5V)

Key features of an Endurance MO2 PCB :
1. Analog input 0-10 PWM output 0-100%.
2. TTL input up to 24V PWM output.
3. Focusing mode laser PWM 0.1%.
4. Adjustable laser voltage threshold of 4.5 to 5.5V
5. Protection against reverse polarity reversal of analog, comparator and TTL inputs.
6. The delay in applying the voltage to the laser when the unit is turned on 1.5 sec.
7. Ability to install both large and small box without modifications of the printed circuit board.
8. Ability to run an impulse mode with a wide variety of frequency and duration width.

Key features and why to buy a 15-watt dual laser beam system:

  1. The most powerful double diode laser beam system on the market. Real and rated 15-watt (15000 mW) optical power.
  2. An advanced electronics.
  3. Two design options: DIY for makers and PRO for professionals
  4. Super-friendly and supportive community on Facebook
  5. One of the best tech support.


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if you have any more questions – let us know gf@EnduranceRobots.com and call us or text +79162254302