11 3D Printing Ideas You Can Use This Christmas and New Year 2022

Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year. To enjoy it in full, people buy decorations and presents for their friends and dear ones. Some go shopping frantically, some surf the Internet day and night looking for whatever they think might  bring a smile to a darling face. But if you have creativity, fantasy and technical equipment you can make presents and decorations with your own hands. A 3D printer is the best friend for creative people. Here are some ideas for 3D printed christmas ornaments to enhance a festive spirit of your home, to make everyone feel that Christmas is really the most wonderful time of the year. Using a 3D printer and a laser machine (if you have one) you can create cool ornaments, toys, trees, novelties, figurines and all kind of  bits and bobs you can think of.  

Depending on filament types, you will be able to make multi colored items, which might additionally change the color and glow in the dark. You can use colorful filaments and finishes of various types or paint ready items with your own hands using your holiday imagination.

We hope these ideas will help you make a big impact to get into the Christmas spirit! Here we go.

1. A Christmas Tree

Christmas tree decoration on Thingiverse

This is one of the main symbols of Christmas and New Year that catches an eye wherever you place it. You can print one or more trees using color changing, or glowing in the dark filaments. You can make every tree multicolor or make a set of different or alike trees of different color. This Christmas tree has 10 branches but and you can further modify it to your liking. You can hang it on a wall or make a stand for it if you want to place it on a table or a countertop.

Another version of the Christmas tree can be found here. This one will easily will catch everyone’s eye. If you print it using trasnparent PETG filament, it will look just stunning! You can also modify it by adding lights.

2. A Spinning Christmas Star

If you have a Christmas tree you will need a top for it. Usually, it is a star. Have you ever seen a  spinning Christmas star? Here you have  a special two-version design of the Christmas star, which is very easy to print. One version includes 3-4 Christmas stars that independently spin on the centre shaft running from the smallest star through the outer stars. All the parts rotate independently without falling apart. The other option is just a decoration with a mounting hole to be put on top of a tree. The ability to rotate makes this decoraion unique because there are no complicated designs or electronics to make it freely move.

3. Santa

Designed by imaterialise – available on Thingiverse

Can you imagine a New Year holiday without Santa? Definitely, not! So, let your fantasy fly. Here is one of many examples of a 3D printed decoration with Santa inside it. There are variants of Santa: on his own, with reindeer or elves. But even the simplest design of Santa with multiple colors and illumination can result in an awesome decoration.

4. A Holiday Christmas Deer

A Christmas deer is a great decor item. Your 3D printer makes it possible to create all 12 Santa’s reindeer with a vast of miniature details and features. You can make them similar or add a new feature to each of them, such as bow ties or jingle bells. You can decorate with deer figurines your home walls or doors. Or you can print stands for them and place a deer herd on tables and countertops. We give you just an idea and it’s up to you how to implement it into life.

By Yeg3D

5. A Santa Sleigh and a Reindeer Christmas Decoration

Considering that you have already a Santa’s deer, you will want now to make a Santa Sleigh decoration. With a 3D printer you’ll easily create a detailed, high-quality sleigh with a reindeer or without. You can modify this design to  be placed on a wall, a table or on the floor. All pieces are moveable and they can be placed around independently. You can add festive red and green colors to the printed parts to make the design look more stunning. Here’s a smart life hack for you: the dimensions here are made to look good in line with each other to make an impression of a moving motion of the sleigh and reindeer.


Here is still another version of a 3D printed Santa’s reindeer facing upward. You can print several of them using colorful filament or paint the printed items by hand. With a mounting hole or a holder you can find for the figurines a place where they will attract everybody’s attention and add a distinctive festive look to your home.  

BJOY Creation

7. A Christmas Snowflake

Snowflakes are one more accessory of winter, another important symbol of the Christmas and New Year season. You can create your own snowflake design, changing the size and sighouette. You can choose to make snowflake chains joining separate snowflakes together and hang them on a wall, a door or a Christmas tree to create an effect of snowfall. Using a 3D printer, you will make precise grooves and angles to implement your unique snowflake design. 

8. A Christmas Tree Ornament

These are 3D printed Christmas ornaments. They will look awesome on your Christmas tree or around your home! You can select one ornament or several, featuring a winking,  rosy-nosed smiley, a сute deer or traditional red and white colored Santa on his own or on a sleigh,with a reindeer or elves to decorate your interior. Using 3D printing, you can create real things that will brighten your day and raise high your holiday spirits.

9. A Reindeer Christmas Card Kit

Many people like to send season greetings to friends and dear ones. Look at this fun card kit with a reindeer image. It will bring joy to anyone who receives it. The design features parts of the reindeer neatly arranged on the card but you can change some of them and assemble everything in a different way. You can easily print this design. With not so much work to do, you will have a great Christmas gift for giving.

10. New Years Glasses

A great idea for the holiday is 3D printed New Year Glasses. This New Year accessory will add a new dimension to the festive atmosphere. These glasses read ‘HAPPY NEW YEAR’ but you can  make any text you like. This unique piece of art made by yourself will make the season special.

11. Christmas Gift Boxes

What do you want to see  under the Christmas tree in the morning of December, the 25th. Yes,of course, a big pile of Christmas gift boxes! Owners of 3D printers don’t need to go shopping for them. You can print them yourself and make them special and different from those for sale. Personalized gift boxes with Christmas goodies will make your holiday more memorable. You can choose any size, design and color for your perfect gift box making it a reality with your 3D printer.  This design is easy to print and customize.

We wish you Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year. 

Written by Yerima Medugu (Endurance Lasers writer) – Edited by Tatyana Zamilova (Endurance lasers editor)