1000 Kelvin opens up AMAIZE AI software for commercial 3D printing use at Formnext

1000 Kelvin launches AMAIZE AI software at Formnext 2023 after successfully integrating it with OEMS of 3D printer manufacturers. Image Credit: 1000 Kelvin website.

AI-software solution provider for the Additive Manufacturing (AM) industry 1000 Kelvin launches new AI software AMAIZE at Formnext 2023. 

Founded by former Siemens executives this Berlin and Los Angeles-based startup aims to help different sectors like aerospace, and medical to harness the power of 3D printing technology by this AMAIZE AI software which improves the quality and yield of 3D printed metal parts, ultimately reducing the carbon emissions of the industry and lowering manufacturing costs. 

For better integration of the AI software with OEMs, 1000 Kelvin has partnered with 3D printer manufacturers like EOS recently. The coompany has also partnered with a California-based rocket launch provider who addressed print failure issues due to overheating by using the AMAIZE software. 

The rocket launching company reduced the use of support structures by over 80% and lowered the overall cost of production of metal AM parts by over 30% per part in this way. This saved both material and post-processing costs. 

Key features of AMAIZE AI software 

The AMAIZE AI software of 1000 Kelvin autocorrects the 3D printing process by using physics-driven AI that identifies and corrects issues in the print file without altering the original design.
Image Credit: 1000 Kelvin

The AI software can generate optimal print recipes which create near-perfect 3D-printed metal parts in the first time instance, thus reducing waste and eliminating unnecessary costs. The AMAIZE cloud analyzes and automatically corrects any thermo-mechanical issues in the uploaded print file by optimizing the scan strategy and the 3D printing process parameters. 

So, all the steps of simulation software and physical iterations are automatically eliminated by AI to create the metal AM parts. 

Speaking about AMAIZE AI software, the CEO of 1000 Kelvin, Omar Fergani said 

 “The manufacturing and production sector accounts for one-fifth of global carbon emissions and 54% of the world’s energy usage. 3D printing has the unique ability to address these issues, but not until it works consistently. By improving the efficiency and reducing the waste associated with 3D printing, while making the technology easier to use, AMAIZE contributes to a more sustainable future.”

The company is showcasing the AMAIZE AI software integrated 3D printers at Formnext 2023 for the first time after it secured $3 million funding which allowed it to expand business to Europe from its US-centric aerospace and defense industry-specific business base. 

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