An industrial design studio, Budmen Industries, portrays its ideological struggle in an installation of 100 unique 3D printed pendant lights, called “All of the Lights”.

The makers behind this creation think that we are living in a world where battle lines are being drawn: nationalist vs immigrant, 1% vs 99% and more. For them, the society is stuck in a mentality where the unique thought and complexity of the individual is lost. That’s why, through “All of the Lights”, they aim at making shine the beauty of diversity and individuality from around the world.

“All of the Lights”

“All of the Lights” consists in an installation 100 unique 3D printed lamps which were “digitally sculpted” in order to bring a personal and human touch to each of the design. A variety of forms can be seen on the lights: “some were symmetrical and appeared rooted in pure geometry. Some were gestural, feeling like captured motion. Others swirled and stretched into splendid spirals. Some were representational, reminding us of abstract avocados, handsome hats, and timeless toys.

All of these shapes are also the reason why they chose 3D printing as a manufacturing technique. According to the manufacturers, “3D printing is a shift from a world full of mass manufactured products to one where each item can be a unique reflection of our individuality.”

Isaac Budmen and Stephanie Keefe, co-founders of Budmen Industries. All images via Budmen

Technically speaking, the technique used consisted in creating surfaces with striations similar to those seen on rock formations and tree bark. The printing thereafter, emphasized these striations.

We love this uniquely layered aesthetic, not only is it a signature of the process, but the object takes on an entirely new character when illuminated”, said the makers.

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