Ziknes includes Meltio’s multi-laser head on its Z-Metal One robotic additive manufacturing machine

Meltio, a manufacturer of metal laser deposition technology, and Ziknes, a technology startup that renews manufacturing by combining robotics and additive manufacturing, have joined forces to create Z-Metal One, a plug and play robotic machine that allows creating 3D parts in a simple, sustainable and efficient way thanks to Meltio’s multi-laser head, a company of which Sicnova is the master reseller in the Iberian Peninsula.

Ziknes has worked hand in hand with the Meltio team since 2021 to devise a system that is ready for use by the end customer as soon as it arrives at their facilities and offers a complete hardware and software solution with which to 3D print in metal. The Z Metal-One includes a self-supporting structure with a robot, a positioner, and Meltio’s laser head. This integration is made possible by Meltio Engine, Meltio’s hybrid manufacturing module that allows 3D printing to be combined with CNC machining centers or robotic arms. Ziknes chose this technology in its efforts to make the industrial sector a more sustainable activity in which waste, emissions and energy use are reduced.

Z Metal-One was born as an all-in-one solution that brings together its robotic printing software, a positioning table, a laser printing system, process automation and a validated self-supporting structure that makes the machine easy to transport. This combination of elements makes it possible to 3D print previously impossible geometries and large parts in materials such as titanium, copper, aluminum, steel and inconel. The Meltio head, which also markets these materials through Sicnova, is easy to maintain, produces no waste, has low energy consumption and makes manufacturing a safe process.

Digital twin

The software for the Ziknes system with Meltio head is simple and does not require the user to have robotics knowledge. Parts are designed in CAD and the Ziknes software translates the commands to the robot. Thanks to the digital twin system, the final result of a printing process can be previewed before the printing process starts in order to know what the cost of materials and argon gas will entail and the time required for printing. The Z-Metal One also allows companies to create a virtual stock so that, instead of storing and storing spare parts for weeks, they can simply print them when they are needed. The robot that drives Meltio’s multi-laser head has 6 axes, which adds flexibility to the process. The positioner also has two rotation and turning axes, which means that it is not necessary to create supports for the parts. Ziknes validates the machines in-house before sending them to the end customer either with a manual or at the customer’s premises. In that case, the only requirement is to complete a basic training course.

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