Zetamix H13 steel filament completes Nanoe’s portfolio of 3D printing materials

French expert in ceramics AM Nanoe has just added a new 3D printing material to its portfolio: the  Zetamix H13 steel filament.

While the company’s primary market was injection-moulding, Nanoe is part of the exhaustive list of companies that have dedicated its services to the ceramics AM market. The company produces raw materials and provides high technical ceramics for demanding industries.

Compatible with FFF 3D printing, the new material is a high temperature resistant steel. It can withstand extreme temperature without losing its strength. It also delivers a high level of ductility, thermal and electrical conductivity and resistance to corrosion.

Furthermore, according to Nanoe, after the printing process, and to reach a density of over 90%, the operator would just need to proceed with a one-step thermal post process in a tubular furnace.

The use of a furnace shows that the materials producer has somehow remained true to its method when it comes to process 3D printed parts manufactured with its filaments.

At Nanoe, we are printing a mix of ceramics and binder. Therefore, when the part is produced, you need to remove the binder and dissolve it through debinding, then sinter the part in a furnace before getting a dense and solid ceramic partwe remember Guillaume de Calan’s statements to 3D ADEPT Media.

Moreover, those who are familiar with steel know it works very well for hot or cold work tooling applications.  “H13 steel, combined with Zetamix technology, will enable the production of on demand tools or complex steel parts that would be impossible to get with subtractive processes for a record investment,” the company said in an announcement.

The Zetamix H13 steel filament might be the first material Nanoe unveils in this portfolio since the beginning of the year, but based on 3D ADEPT Media’s exchange with the company’s founder, there is a wide range of materials that are currently under development at Nanoe. So, let’s say you will certainly hear more about Nanoe throughout the year.

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