Upgraded ProMaker LD Series 3D printers deliver super-Resolution 3D and are equipped with centrifuge post –processing

Image via Prodways

Prodways has upgraded its series of ProMaker LD Series 3D printers based on its MOVINGLight® technology. The French company has worked on a number of features at both the software and hardware levels.

At the hardware level, the 3D printers can now deliver a high native resolution of 42 µm, allowing for more control of the accuracy and geometry of parts. The machines are now equipped with 3D Super-Resolution. This new generation of 3D algorithms would allow for a significantly improved aesthetic rendering, beyond the native resolution.

Next to the 3D printer, the manufacturer has also taken into account the challenges related to post-processing. In order to improve rendering and ultimately reduce costs, Prodways provides now a new centrifuge to clean clear aligners and obtain a perfect finished product. This device also improves the recycling rate of uncured resin.

At the software level, the printing software that is compatible with the 3D printers now enable the engineer to achieve surfaces close to the 3D model and significantly less pixelated.

Prodways Group is constantly innovating to help its customers increase their productivity and improve their results” explains Olivier Strebelle, Chief executive officer of Prodways Group. “Our 3D Super-Resolution technology combined with a major software update provides an improved surface finish while reducing manufacturing time. This technology is complemented by centrifugal post-processing, which is much more economical and environmentally friendly than isopropanol processing. This innovative duo breathes new life into this range to better serve the most demanding sectors, requiring accuracy and speed”.

The MOVINGLight® technology has been acknowledged across industries such as dental, jewellery and education where customers are looking to achieve high production volumes. Following two extensive years of R&D, Prodways wants to ensure a better quality and a reduction of costs to its existing and future users. And that’s something we can’t wait to witness through the first applications with this upgraded series, applications that will certainly be achieved by Polish company Brightalign, that has recently purchased two new machines for the production of its orthodontic aligners.

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