This month is marked by in depth analysis of the specialist of research, Technavio which discovered emerging trends that can significantly influence the 3D medical imaging equipment market in the US from 2017-2021.

Early diagnosis plays a key role in the advancement of technologies

The increasing need for early diagnosis might contribute to the growth of the 3D medical imaging equipment market in the sense that it enables to detect multiple disorders and lead to personalized medicine for the patient.

However the new solutions give the place to the growing use of hybrid medical imaging equipment, a preference for robotic X-ray procedure or even new product launches.

Applied in a wide range of sectors in medicine, oncology, cardiology, neurology, and some therapeutic areas, the hybrid equipment is recognized for its accuracy in delivering diagnosis and healing of tumors or clinical indications.

As far as the preference for robotic X-ray procedure, the vendors are launching devices with twin robotic arms, which are mounted to the ceiling and can be moved freely around the room and the patient that allows imaging from all angles. It is aligned with high precision between the detector and the tube. This system enables low-dose controls, generates life-like 3D images, and comfortable patient positioning,says Barath.

Lastly, time, solutions and diseases constantly drive the development of new equipments which contribute to the growth of the market.


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