Tethon3D recently introduced a new resin material for 3D printing

Image via Tethon3D

Tethon Corporation (“Tethon3D”) just launched Castalite®, a new resin material for 3D printing. Castalite®, is a photo-curing ceramic polymer resin designed for SLA or DLP printers. Following kiln firing, 3D printed objects made with Castalite are appropriate for a ceramic shell mold in metal casting processes.

Tethon3D is a specialist of ceramic materials for 3D printing. The company produces resins and powders for SLA, DLP and powder/jet binder 3D printing on the one hand, provides service in 3D modeling, scanning and ceramic 3D printing, as well as 3D printing educational workshops and a residency program.

What we can retain from the main features of Castalite®?

Image via Tethon3D

Castalite has very high heat and thermal shock tolerances that make it ideal for use in casting many metals such as bronze, gold, silver, and aluminum.

Karen Linder, President and CEO of Tethon 3D explained that the material represents another premium material to the product catalogue of the company. It compliments the growth seen in SLA and DLP hardware. “Recent improvements in 3D printer technology provide higher resolution details in the casted metal part and faster print times. Most printers can print at 25-micron print layers and Castalite demonstrates excellent resolution at that level.

Molds with a sprue and gate are 3D printed directly in Castalite, followed by high temperature furnace firing. This produces a ceramic shell model ready to accept liquid metals. A key advantage of Castalite in this type of printing is the elimination of a wax model or other pre-mold steps, as in traditional casting techniques. Furthermore, the Castalite process increases the speed of production and decreases the quantity of material used, resulting in a cost reduction.

Industries with applications for Castalite include traditional and advanced manufacturing, engineering, jewelry and more.

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