Sustainability initiatives continue to gain momentum. Here is the program of the BASF 3D Printing Solutions GmbH brand


The last three months saw a number of initiatives launched and actions implemented to drive sustainability. I am thinking of this large metal 3D printed aerospace part for instance, Evonik’s new approach to drive sustainability, or Raise3D’s sustainability initiative for instance. This increasing number of programs launched by players with different expertise show the part everyone can play to deliver products that respect the environment, while meeting their business objectives.

Forward AM, the BASF 3D Printing Solutions GmbH brand, is the latest to join the move with the launch of Project Zero; an initiative that includes their Carbon Compensation Program for PP and the expansion of their materials portfolio.

The Carbon Compensation program would enable Forward AM’s partners and customers to reduce their carbon footprint by offsetting emissions. This means that they could join the Project Zero initiative by reducing and offsetting all materials across all business lines, beginning with PP followed by a goal to offer additional material compensations in the future.

This compensation will be done by calculating the carbon emission per each material resulting in the acquisition of carbon credits that will compensate the carbon emissions of a given material. Through these partnerships, we can work together to ensure a greener future for this generation and all those that follow, Forward AM says.

The initiative also includes the production of recycled spools, optimized packaging and the release of materials with a 100% recycle rate. The new materials include Ultrasint® AP 26, Ultrasint® PP 1400 Black, and Ultracur3D® RG 3280.

Key specifications of each new material

Ultrasint® AP 26, launched in partnership with Cipres, is a zero waste material with affordable cost and high detail resolution enabling high volume applications. With a 100% reusability rate and the lowest cost per kg in the PBF portfolio, the new PBT would provide the sharpest detail quality while assuring the lowest cost.

Ultrasint® PP 1400 Black, launched in partnership with RPM, is a high-quality isotropic material that delivers a low density, high reusability rate, and end part recyclability.

Ultracur3D® RG 3280 offers superior stiffness and temperature performance while being low-viscous, easy to use and fast printing, with material qualities including excellent stability of suspension which results in limited settling in the VAT.

Forward AM is also dedicated to completing Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) studies as well as offering comparisons on bio-based versus standard resins. With a “cradle to grave” approach that should account for all steps in the creation of their products, Forward AM will take into account steps prior to their corporate involvement, such as extraction of raw materials for the products that might be done by other parties.

From a product standpoint, climate change, water consumption, ocean acidification, use of fossil resources, ozone depletion and eutrophication are some of the items that will be assessed.

While customers can do whatever they wish with their products, it’s interesting to note that Forward AM gives them the possibility to be involved in this program. Most importantly, the company’s sustainability initiative is made up of an objective measurement process that could enable the team and the industry to know what works best, data and what should be refined.

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