“Simply storing files is not enough.” 3YOURMIND aims to fill digital AM inventories with production-ready parts.

3YOURMIND to allow users to centralise their digital inventory of AM-ready parts and production data

3YOURMIND has unveiled its Digital AM Inventory module. This extension of 3YOURMIND’s workflow software would enable users to centralize their digital inventory of AM-ready parts and production data.

For the additive manufacturing software specialist, the new module marks another step towards distributed manufacturing for those who use its technology, therefore will reduce costs compared to physical inventories by enabling industrials to move into part production with a single click.

3YOURMIND has worked with high-profile companies including Volkswagen, GKN, EOS and Continental to develop this industry-focused solution. Throughout these collaborations, the Germany-based specialist has noticed they shared common issues when it comes to AM production of parts.

In four years, the company has addressed these issues and unveiled several solutions. In 2017, we saw the launch of the Inventory Analysis module for its AM Part Identifier software that aims to help users to find strong use cases for AM from existing part data. The company added the Use Case Screening module last year – Deutsche Bahn has even harnessed this module for its replacement parts.

Today, the digital AM inventory module focuses on AM file management, storage of part specifications & production requirements, visibility of 3D model versioning as well as repeat ordering with saved material and technology options.

With this latest solution, 3YOURMIND enables the automation of parts movement from order management software directly into a digital inventory to ensure future production. AM operators can also directly fill the AM inventory while with a single click, design engineers can achieve production requirements, technology and material selection.

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