SATORI and MAHDI NAIM DESIGN LAB’s 3D printing Partnership will first improve the “Work from Home” Lifestyle

Last month, 3D printing start-up Satori launched its new professional 3D printer, the ST1600. The release of this flagship product was also marked by the launch of a partnership program that aims to help companies to bring their vision to life through 3D printing.

Today, the UK-based manufacturer announces a collaboration with Mahdi Naim Design Lab, a Morroco-based design studio is centered around connecting art and technology.

As part of the Satori partnership program, the Satori team guides companies in the optimisation of its product development cycles and the production of viable prototypes with Satori 3D printers.

This specific partnership will focus on the importance of mental wellbeing and empathy in reaction to national lockdowns around the world. With the lockdown, it is no secret that many people find themselves adapting to work from home (WFH).

To make this experience a pleasant one, the designer has therefore imagined a collection of useful, functional and 3D printed WFH tools, with an aesthetic design. 

At Satori, we wish to inspire global innovators to create value and make a difference with our 3D printing technology. Instead of rocket science, we encourage people to use our technology to create meaningful objects to address the most pertinent issues in daily life. We are excited to work with Mahdi Naim Design Lab to push the boundaries of 3D printing, and create something with a social impact.” comments Chengxi Wang, CEO of Satori. 

Both partners started this collection with three products: an intricate laptop stand, an aesthetic stationery organiser, and a multi-purpose USB holder that acts as a stress ball thanks to its flexible outer material. The manufacturer explains for instance that the laptop stand is based on a whalebone structure with a modern twist, while the nose of the stand acts as a comfortable space to place your hand while using the mousepad, proving the functionality of the design. 

All products are 3D printed by the desktop SLA 3D printer ST1600. According to Satori, each design is functional with an artistic value and what differentiates this 3D printed collection from what’s available in the current market is that the design is optimized with a lattice structure to achieve optimal function with minimal material (less is more).

Additive Manufacturing in Africa is still very nascent and comes with an array of challenges that are specific to each country. For Satori and Mahdi Naim Design Lab, this partnership is not only the beginning to create with purpose, both partners will also explore and launch a social initiative that will raise awareness on the potential of AM for the continent.

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