SABIC’s Additive Manufacturing materials for healthcare industry

SABIC offers three new solutions to healthcare professionals that already exploit 3D printing technology. The specialist in the chemical industry has three new AM materials that can be used with FDM technology.

ULTEM™ AM1010F filament for general high-temperature applications, including tooling; ULTEM™ AMHU1010F and LEXAN™ AMHC620F filaments can be used for end-use parts as well as prototypes.

In addition to these materials, customers can benefit from the company’s expertise in processing and design optimization – as well as deep knowledge and experience in healthcare – to improve additive manufacturing technologies.

Main features of each material

The first filament, ULTEM AM1010F, is very high-heat resistant (the company mentions a glass transition temperature of 217°C) and integrates high mechanical strength. The material can enable to produce short-cycle injection molding tools, carbon-fiber layup tools, or automotive components. The filament is UL94 V-0 compliant at 1.5 mm and 5VA compliant at 3.0 mm.

Another advantage of this material is that in the healthcare industry, it offers traceability.

As for the two others, they deliver a good mechanical performance. They can be used to produce several medical devices, from conceptual modeling to functional prototyping and end-use parts. Possible customized or personalized applications include surgical instruments, single-use devices and casts/splints. Customers are advised to perform their own tests and analyses to determine the safety and suitability of such products for their intended purpose.

SABIC’s new materials are entering a marker which is already marked by other industry players such as Solvay, Stratasys or EnvisionTEC among several players.


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