With a new material in its portfolio, advanced materials company polySpectra enables part manufacturers to achieve biocompatible 3D printing applications across the healthcare and consumer areas.

The company’s third Cyclic Olefin Resin (COR) material is named COR Bio. It completes a portfolio that already includes the rugged COR Alpha and COR Black resins. As per the words of said polySpectra Founder and CEO Raymond Weitekamp, PhD, it would feature an “unprecedented combination of toughness, biocompatibility, and autoclavability – a critical triad for end-use medical device applications.”

With its biocompatible and autoclavable formulation, COR Bio offers high impact strength, a high working temperature, and polar fluidic compatibility. Furthermore, physical properties of the new material include 135°C glass transition temperature (Tg) as well as 100% elongation at break.

Industries that could leverage this new material for their end-use part production include: healthcare, medical device components, dental products, surgical tools, consumer products, podiatry / orthotics as well as milli- and micro-fluidic devices.

The truth is, resin-based 3D printing has often suffered from a bad reputation due to issues of brittleness within applications – holding the technology back from real-world end-use acceptance. polySpectra is making up for this disadvantage with solutions that are compatible with both industrial and, more recently, desktop DLP/LCD 3D printers.

 Equipment requirements and COR print profiles are available here. As part of the polySpectra COR portfolio, COR Bio is compatible with supaRinse washing fluid for post-processing.

COR Bio is officially launching today, May 2, at RAPID + TCT, in booth #2256. Visitors can see interactive stations with all formulations of COR materials. They could also test for themselves the claims of durability, high-temperature resistance, and end-use production readiness for COR Alpha, COR Black, and COR Bio.

All materials of polySpectra are available in both 385nm and 405nm formulations.

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