NEOLT Improves Performance of Glass Lamination in Decorative Design using 3D Printing Technology

NEOLT ASIA Pte Ltd, a Singapore-based company, has developed a technique that improves performance of glass lamination in decorative design. Named 3D Infused LamiGlass, the technique requires the use of 3D printing and brings an added-value to the work of several professionals including architects, design agencies, brands owners, building designer, and environmentally friendly organisations.

3D Infused LamiGlass enables complex geometry structure designs. It combines the integral benefits and heritage of glass, while delivering visual innovation & performance.

Using NEOLT ASIA’s solution, brands can create highly personalised & customized glass design with irregular shape, cutting size, flexible volume, industrial speeds, and affordable value. Furthermore, customers can build brand engagement, attraction points (Instagram Check Point) and uniqueness to demonstrate premium value. This technique brings to life an unprecedented range of color, structure & design possibilities, compared to traditional texture glass decoration solutions.

With 3D Infused LamiGlass, designs will be better equipped to respond to the growing customer demand for both personalised and functional products.

This patent-pending technique also meets sustainability requirements as it uses recyclable materials, which do not impact the recyclability of glass, and help reduce CO2.

According to Terence CHEAH, CEO of NEOLT Asia, 3D Infused LamiGlass improves decorative design while offering unlimited opportunity to use 3D printing & materials.

3D Infused LamiGlass will further take architecture/designs ideas in a step beyond what was previously thought impossible in terms of customization. Adapting our methodology will not only bring the complex design into 3D geometry, it will also improve functionality performances of the glass & 3D Structure”, Terence CHEAH concludes.

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