Nano Dimension expands its micro-AM product line

Nano Dimension is expanding the Fabrica line of micro-AM products to introduce new Tera and Giga machines

Supplier of additively manufactured electronics, Nano Dimension is expanding its AM product line to include micro-AM products to fulfil the industry’s needs. 

Earlier this year, Nano Dimension acquired Additive Flow technology and IP. Prior to that, the company enhanced its manufacturing portfolio with various acquisitions. Fabrica Group, which was first known as Nanofabrica was one of the first companies acquired by the company, followed by Admatec and Formatec.

Now, the machine manufacturer is building on the success of the Tera 250 Micro-AM solution which was the flagship product of Fabrica. The extension of this product line is one of the first remarkable developments Nano Dimension has announced ever since it acquired Fabrica.

The new range of Fabrica Micro-AM solutions includes the Tera 25, the Giga 250, and the Giga 25 machines. 

The Tera and Giga machines 

Both types of machines are capable of micro-level resolution essential for the accuracy of 3D printed parts production but those looking for prototyping don’t need the highly exacting resolution, tolerance attainment, and surface roughness of the Tera machines. 

While Nano Dimension’s Giga machines are aimed at prototyping applications, the Tera machines are for higher volume production. Both Tera 250 and Tera 25 have a build volume of 50 x 50 x 100 mm, while the Giga 250 and Giga 25 have 6 x 9 x 45 mm and 12 x 18 x 45 mm build volumes respectively. 

The Tera 25 and the Giga 25 machines of Nano Dimension have an optical resolution of 8 micron and, tolerance accuracy of 5 micron. They have the capacity to achieve a surface roughness of 0.9 micron. Meanwhile, Tera 250 and Giga 250 machines have 2 micron optical resolution, 2 micron tolerance accuracy and can achieve 0.4 micron micro surface roughness 

Speaking about the Fabrica range of micro-AM solutions, the President of EMEA at Nano Dimension Ziki Peled said: “This technology minimizes material waste and reduces the need for assembly by fabricating complex geometries in a single build, leading to improved overall efficiency. Industries such as electronics, medical devices, aerospace, and automotive are finding immense value in Micro-AM which is poised to play a pivotal role in driving innovation, cost-effectiveness, and competitiveness across various sectors in today’s rapidly evolving industrial landscape”. 

“We have developed the Giga series of machines so our customers can cost-effectively benefit from micro-AM’s transformative approach to precision part and component prototyping, which surpass traditional methods in several crucial aspects”, said Peled. 

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