Meet The Educator and The Researcher: B-jetting’s 3D binder-jet development platforms

These modular printers are 100% designed, built, and serviced in the US.

Dan Brunermer has come a long way. When he started his consultancy firm – almost two years ago -, after almost two decades spent in Binder Jetting at ExOne, one might have thought he would be “a classic consultant” who would help industrials understand the pains and gains associated with adding Binder Jetting to their manufacturing portfolio. Here he is today, unexpectedly unveiling two new 3D printers based on this technology: The Educator and The Researcher.

Together with his co-founder James Bill, the experts ambition to fill a void in the market for a small, affordable, binder-jet system.

In a press release, they explain that The Educator can be used as either an entry-level introduction to binder jetting or as a sophisticated development tool to test out new materials or improve process development. The Educator system starts at $100k, including a fully functional binder-jet system with a 60mm box, curing oven, and powder recycling system.

Although it has the same functionality as The Educator, The Researcher differentiates itself by additional modularity. Some of the options include an inert chamber, glove box, drop watcher, or the capacity to choose printheads, the founders say.

In case you’re not familiar with this technology, please note that Binder Jetting is a process that uses powder materials (—  foundry sand, ceramics, metal or composites —) and liquid binding agents to create solid and complex parts.

You may want to read this dossier: Comparing the potential & limitations of binder jetting and MIM

The technology has for a long time been compared to MIM, but today, with the advancements of processes and development of new applications, Binder Jetting is increasingly standing out from the crowd – even more given a metal 3D printing landscape dominated by LPBF.

He will probably not remember that, but it took one conversation with Brunermer for me to see the potential of this technology. I hope those who read me, will have more than one conversation with him.

The Additive Manufacturing Users Group (AMUG) Conference in Chicago has been chosen for the awaited debut.

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