Luxexcel, Belgian 3D printed optics specialist announced the implementation of two Luxexcel VisionPlatform products to locations in the U.S.

Inside the package

Luxecel brings its VisionEngine lens 3D printer and operating software to the market. Supplied to IFBSolutions in North Carolina, the package will reach Florida’s Quest Vision Care Specialty Lab in January 2018.

These systems will enable facilities to achieve custom eyeglasses taking into account a great number of opthalmic conditions.

image via Luxexcel

The agreement with Quest Vision

As a reminder, the agreement signed with Quest Vision consists in expanding Luxexcel’s VisionPlatform solution to the company’s facilities across the U.S and in 16 other countries all over the world.

Defined as “the lab in the industry for specialty lenses by Luxexcel, Quest Vision is “a partner that will maximize the benefits of [Luxexcel VisionPlatform™] by printing custom RX lenses for non-mainstream applications.”

As for Walach from Quest Vision, “the flexibility the Luxexcel VisionPlatform™ offers, empowers [them] to provide completely customized ophthalmic specialty lenses made to the measure.”

As far as 3D printing is concerned…

Luxexcel VisionEngines 3D technology is based on the vat polymerization process. The process includes a photocurable, acrylic resin as the primary feedstock.

Last, this method enables to achieve unique lenses at a rate of up to four lenses per hour which are then coated and framed for the wearer.

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