KOKONI SOTA unveils Consumer-grade 3D Printer that enables to 3D print in 7 colors at the same time

Founded in 2021, Hong Kong-based 3D printing company KOKONI turns stealth mode off with the launch of a consumer 3D printer. Named KOKONI SOTA 3D printer, the new device delivers a maximum printing speed of 600mm/s and acceleration of 21,000mm /s^2; and is equipped with custom high-speed stepper motor and close-loop motor system.

While the design of the machine makes us think of KODAK, KOKONI embeds the Upside-Down design in the consumer-grade 3D printers. The inverted design brings stability with close-to-zero vibration. According to the manufacturer, this stability makes the highest-speed printing possible for KOKONI SOTA with less than 30dB quiet printing sound, and also has benefits for printing the overhang structures. KOKONI SOTA also has an advanced Optical Radar that delivers precision and accuracy, while the close-loop motor controller monitors real-time position and adjusts for errors. The high-precision linear rail with a ground ball screw also adds an extra level of accuracy to the printing. KOKONI SOTA is also very stable, even during long printing sessions, thanks to its use of upside-down printing and full-metal structural support.

Furthermore, with KOKONI’s AI system, the entire printing process is carefully monitored, and any issues can be addressed in real-time. This includes everything from Spaghetti Detection and Breakage Detection to low filament alerts and it is equipped with the resume-printing function.

KOKONI SOTA features seven-color synchronous printing. It also supports seven printing materials, including PLA and PETG, with its 90°hotbed and 260°all-metal hot end.

With no assembly or manual bed leveling needed, users can start printing with the product out-of-box. Users can also print remotely with WiFi connection and mobile App-based modeling tool. Furthermore, this AI-powered 3D modeling software allows users to create printing models with ease, whether it’s hand-drawn or with photos. The constantly updated template library offers thousands of customizable models. In addition, KOKONI SOTA offers a quiet printing experience. Its self-developed intelligent silent driver and enclosure minimize the noise, while the weight of its metal body and low center of gravity deliver close-to-zero vibration. Plus, the water-soluble support material can be easily removed by rinsing, removing a major hassle for users.

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