One of the key moments that marked the IN(3D)USTRY exhibition that took place from October 3rd to 5th in Barcelona, was the Reshape 2017 awards ceremony.

The Reshape 2017 awards ceremony.

“Reshape” is an online platform whose goal is to promote research into cutting-edge design and advanced digital manufacturing techniques, with a focus on 3D printing.

The platform gathers now an international network of creativity and new ideas from a great number of industries, an objective that IN(3D)USTRY wanted to achieve.

Among the contestants, the team Nuria Diago Camps and Maria Carrion Amettler that realised the ‘‘Be (in the) water’ project particularly drew the public’s attention. The Barcelona-based team made a nose clip for swimmers from the Voronoi structure.

Entirely produced using 3D printing technology, its manufacturing included  polyamide materials and the SLS technique. The clip is obviously adapted to the user’s skin surface, thus, can be assimilated to a form of “second skin”. It enables to regulate the connection between the swimmer and his environment, processing data from both sources.

However, the winners of Reshape 2017 are Snezhana Paderlina, Nikita Replyanski, Christopher Diaz, and Maria Replyanski, from St Petersburg, Russia. Named ’Graduated Spinal Support System’, or GS3, their project is a corset-like wearable device created to provide dynamic back support. The GS3 is most appropriate for a patient who is going through physiotherapy and rehabilitation for back problems or people who realise a lot of strenuous physical tasks. Made with 3D printed components, it can be customized according to the patient’s spinal structure in order to allow the best comfort. The team used high quality flexible fabrics to assemble the GS3.


The issue of sustainability during the contest

Aldo Sollazzo, Reshape director led a panel’s discussion on wearables, an issue already discussed in the opinion of the week with the fashion designer Sylvia Heisel. The main challenges that were raised by experts of retail and consumer goods concerned the dispodal of electronics and the carbon footprint of most existing manufacturing processes.

Some participants to the panels’discussion:
Reshape director Aldo Sollazzo with Paul Sohi of Autodesk, Peter Hanappe of Sony Computer Science Labs, and Adidas’ Director of Design Operations, Simone Cesano

Future wearables need to bring their contribution to the retail landscape in a way that neutralizes  all these potentially damaging aspects.


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