iBridger, a Los-Angeles based company, is launching their new FDM 3D Printer. Several 3D Printers have been unveiled lately. While the whole market is confused when they have to choose among the variety of FDM 3D Printing solutions, the iBridger bets on performance and price to enter the working environment of professionals.

Furthermore, a lot of questions are raised regarding the next generation of desktop 3D Printers that claim to deliver industrial applications, in this specific case, the iBridger features dual high-temp print nozzles, multiple filament bins, constant temp thermostatic chamber and support for virtually all plastics. Characteristics that are very likely to achieve industrial applications.

Guided by the unique needs of our customers and clients, we knew that performance, ease of use, and affordability were essential. Our goal was to create a large-scale FDM 3D printer with industrial-grade performance and make it easy to use and affordable enough for everyone. The result is iBridger – the bridge between ideas and reality,” said Leo Zhang, CEO, iBridger​.

With a build volume up to 17 x 17.5 x 23″ / 430 x 445 x 585mm and a print resolution of ±0.2mm or ±0.002mm/mm, the 3D printer is ideal for prototyping, tooling for manufacturing or volume printing of complex end-use products and models. ​

iBridger is available now with special deals and pricing for early adopters. Check out the whole campaign on Kickstarter.

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