HarmoniQ Labs uses 3D Printing and Precision Sound Engineering to develop Wireless Hi-Fi Earphones

HarmoniQ Labs is launching stylish, smart, 3D printed Hi-Fi wireless earbudsLytte HarmoniQ.

These water, dust resistant and ergonomically designed earbuds bring another dimension to your listening experience.  Their sound design introduces a beautiful treble with exceptional clarity, in addition to the warm vocals and deep richness of heavy bass, a distinctive tonal balance the ear desires. Uniquely designed spatial elements ensure that your favorite music will not only be heard but also felt. 

The design allows you to truly connect to music and enjoy every aspect of it. “When things are built with purpose, you take notice. Lytte HarmoniQ is our answer to true wireless Hi-Fi earphones. We use 3D printing technology to model and build the best possible Hi-Fi earbuds,” explains Jiang Xu, the CEO of this innovative company. “It makes them exceptionally comfortable to wear. Combined with precision sound engineering, they also provide solutions to challenges imposed by the inner molds of traditional earbuds. The 3D sound engineered one-piece shape produces a superior acoustic travel path for the sound waves. The right material rigidity and airtight chamber controls sound resonance and eliminates undesired distortion and inconsistency”, continues Xu. 

“The intelligent touch control system, passive noise cancellation, and 35 hours of playtime provide the users with uncompromised sound experience,” he concludes.

Feature highlights

  • 35 hours of listening time
  • HarmoniQ Labs™ 3D printing Omni-Acoustic-Design (OAD) 
  • 3D printed acoustic shape eliminating sound distortion and provides excellent passive noise cancellation (-15dB noise attenuation)
  • Durable materials for rigidity and controlled sound resonance
  • Ergonomic design for a comfortable daily use
  • Embedded microphone and voice assistance functions
  • Intuitive earphone touch control designed for music
  • IPX4 water and dust resistant, seamless one-piece body 
  • Qualcomm TrueWireless™ Stereo Technology and aptX™ audio technology creates consistently high-quality audio streaming over Bluetooth with robust connectivity and easier paring experience
  • Made of skin-friendly resin, environmentally friendly

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