FELIXprinters adds High Temperature 3D printing solutions to its portfolio


In order to build up immunity to the Coronavirus, the Netherlands was one of the rare countries that did not impose national lockdown. A situation that enabled many companies including Dutch manufacturer of 3D printers FELIXprinters, to continue their activities while respecting the sanitary measures.

Earlier in the year we had received a tender from a large multinational client looking at the possibility that we could produce a series of high temperature 3D printers, and we have now geared up to produce these in large batches through Q2 and Q3”, Co-Founder of FELIXprinters, Wilgo Feliksdal, explains.

Dutch manufacturer FELIXprinters has therefore taken advantage of this time to work on new 3D printing solutions that could reach higher temperatures.

It should be noted that, earlier this year, the manufacturer has entered the bioprinting market with the launch of the FELIXbio printer but it remains known for its FELIX PRO L and XL 3D printer models, which can serve the needs of various industries. 

Advantages of 3D printing with high temperature

3D printers that are capable of reaching higher temperatures can process advanced, engineering grade materials that require higher temperatures, like polycarbonate 3D printing filament and polypropylene 3D printing filament.

In other terms, by 3D printing at higher temperatures, manufacturers can harness stronger, more functional materials to create components for practical applications. High-temperature additive manufacturing for rapid prototyping in industries like aerospace, architecture, engineering, and design allows for minimal downtime during the product development process.  

Speaking of their new range of 3D printers, Guillaume Feliksdal states, “There is no doubt that we are in unprecedented times, and we like many companies operating in the 3D printing space are having to adapt our ways of working as we begin to defeat the coronavirus, and we are delighted that despite everything we have successfully developed our high temperature solutions. In many ways, the 3D printing sector is unique in that it is likely to see an upswing in attention as globally, companies begin to reassess and localise their supply chains. At FELIXprinters, the continued demand for our industrial 3D printers, the enormous interest in our BIOprinter, and the recent developments we have made in term of high temperature additive manufacturing show the vibrancy of the niche, and also demonstrate the resilience of industry as we all drive on and innovate, even in these difficult times. I feel we have the edge in many areas due to an exceptional, dedicated, and passionate team, and I would like to thank each and every one of them for their hard work and talents.”


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