Exploiting 3D scanning to optimize sleeping in any position

Last month, IKEA made readers smile by exploiting 3D technologies in order to enable gamers to have a very comfortable seat. Companies are currently exploiting 3D technologies to improve various and even unexpected parts of our daily life. It is still amazing to discover what we can improve in people’s daily life using 3D technology. A great example of one of these improvements is shown in a customized pillow.

Exploiting 3D scan to optimize sleeping in any position

SlumbrSpace creates tailor-made pillows using its patent-pending technology, robotic and 3D technologies.

Given that most people spend about one third of their lives sleeping, and pillows play a key role in how well they sleep, SlumbrSpace aims to optimize sleep in any position. The Canadian-based company calculates and creates the optimal pillow for each person based on his or her individual measurements or 3D scan.

No need to be a scientist to know one of the causes of a poor sleep might be the wrong mattress or the wrong pillow, not to mention stress and personal problems.

As far as pillows are concerned, Tanya Pelkonen, co-founder of SlumbrSpace explaind that “most conventional pillows are too low for side sleeping and too high for back sleeping. Even if orthopedic pillows have zones for both supine and lateral sleeping positions, they still do not match each person’s individual measurements perfectly. Since we spend so much our lives sleeping and it’s such an important component of each day, we believe having the perfect pillow is not just a convenience—it’s absolutely essential.

Therefore, the pillow made with SlumbrSpace’s machines, robotic equipment and software therefore provides a therapeutic and comfortable sleep, whether on one’s back or side. Other elements of the manufacturing include made in Canada materials, the viscoelastic memory foam with a 100 percent gel infusion to maintain an optimal body temperature while asleep. The foam quickly responds to each unique head shape and temperature, conforming to every curve to offer the ideal weight distribution and support.

All pillows are manufactured in Toronto. A Kickstarter  campaign has been launched in order to the company develop this product.

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