EV Group (EVG) and SwissLitho AG implement a solution to enable the production of 3D structures down to the single-nanometer scale.  

Initially demonstrated within the “Single Nanometer Manufacturing for Beyond CMOS Devices (SNM)” project, this solution combines high resolution and 3D printing capabilities of SwissLitho NanoFrazor system with high throughput and cost-effectiveness of EVG’s SmartNIL® technology.

EV Group (EVG) is a supplier of wafer bonding and lithography equipment for the MEMS, nanotechnology and semiconductor markets.

As for SwissLitho AG, the company creates novel nanolithography tools.


Target Applications

The joint solution will firstly enable to develop diffractive optical elements and other related optical components that support photonics, data communications, augmented/virtual reality (AR/VR) as well as other applications. Both companies could expand the solution into biotechnology, nanofluidics and other nanotechnology applications.

So, SwissLitho’s NanoFrazor system will allow the creation of imprint masters. Unlike traditional methods, this system will 3D print structures with unsurpassed accuracy.

Topography image of a nanoimprint stamp of a 3D computer-generated hologram fabricated with the NanoFrazor from SwissLitho. Stamps such as these can be used to replicate 3D structures in high volume using the HERCULES(r) NIL nanoimprint lithography system from EV Group. (/EV Group)

Furthermore, working templates created by EVG’s Hercules NIL will serve for production using the company’s proprietary large-area nanoimprint SmartNIL technology.

For Dr. Thomas Glinsner, corporate technology director at EV Group, “SwissLitho’s NanoFrazor solution is highly complementary to EVG’s SmartNIL technology. Together we can offer a complete NIL solution for photonics and other applications involving 3D structure patterning, providing significant opportunity for both companies to expand our customer base and market reach. Our NILPhotonics® Competence Center will be the first point of contact for customers interested in this joint solution, where we will be able to offer feasibility studies, demonstrations and pilot-line production.”

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