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3D Hubs launches a Manufacturing Fund to support and supply parts for critical COVID-19 projects. Despite the global mobilization of several companies, hospitals and healthcare systems are still under huge strain. According to the Dutch online manufacturing platform, several initiatives cannot be achieved due to lack of funding or ability to produce parts at a global scale.

As part of this project, the service provider is currently working with Medical Goes Additive, which leverages its AM network to unite medical facilities with suppliers and Project Open Air NL, Dutch branch of the global Project Open Air initiative, which is helping to source parts for critical medical equipment.

Covid-19 projects supported by the manufacturing fund  

On its website, the global manufacturing network has listed a number of projects that are currently supported by the funding:

Prusa protective face shield – RC2: Remember, Prusa Research was one of the companies we mentioned last week in the list of 3D printing companies that responded very fast to the pandemic. The FDM 3D printer’s manufacturer produced and shared the files of a protective face shield for medical professionals.

3D printed circuit splitter and flow restriction devices for multiple patient lung ventilation: since the beginning of this week, various solutions regarding ventilators are shared to enable covid-19 patients to breathe. From the first medical 3D printed ventilator in Spain to the “3D printed emergency respiratory mask” in Italy, these solutions are usually designed for one patient.

Prusa’s idea of a 3D printed circuit splitter will enable multiple patients to be ventilated with the one anaesthesia machine or intensive care ventilator.

How can you help?

We can never stress this enough: Everybody can make a difference.

Whether you’re an engineer who’s designed parts that now need to be manufactured, or someone who would like to ensure funds are available to make these parts a reality, we’ve set up two ways you can help.

Please note, we’re looking to support those in need of funding, such as grassroots initiatives and not for profit organizations, with the COVID Manufacturing Fund. If you are acting on behalf of a business, please upload your parts directly to our platform”, explains 3D Hubs.

If you want to donate or apply to the COVID-19 Manufacturing Fund to get the funding and resources needed, visit this page.

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