Biomind Labs Uses 3D Printing to Design a Pharmaceutical Form for Psychedelic Drug Delivery

Image: Biomind Labs

Biomind Labs Inc., a biotech company in fast-acting psychedelics has designed an oromucosal solid pharmaceutical form obtained by 3D printing using selective laser sintering. The form contains as its active ingredients certain psychedelic molecules that the Company has in its portfolio of psychedelic candidates. This pharmaceutical form is aimed at alleviating neurological and psychiatric disorders, and acting as an anti-inflammatory agent for various inflammatory disorders.

We believe we are the first company in the world to design a pharmaceutical form for psychedelic drug delivery using 3D printing. This paramount step in our rapid evolution towards becoming a pharmaceutical company, was achieved by our team of scientists who have designed a novel pharmaceutical form to be used with our psychedelic candidates. We are very proud of how our research and development division advances in the development of complex products, on-demand products, and customized products, aimed to address a wide range of needs from patients with different mental health conditions. 3D printing allows creating three-dimensional objects layer by layer, thereby achieving products with variable geometries. Inside the universe of pharmaceutical technology, 3D printing allows combining of shapes and stratification of materials; thus, possibly controlling the time and place of drug release. One of the most interesting and potentially exciting results is that doses can be adjusted in real time for the specific needs of each patient.

3D printing of psychedelics could be key to the future of the industry, not just because it allows us to personalize medicine but also for creating sustainable production, while reducing the environmental burden”, commented Alejandro Antalich, CEO of Biomind Labs.

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