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By Irene

The Romans were the first ones to tie together cement and concrete, but that was a long time ago. At that time, houses were constructed with blocks, bricks and cement with a lot of heavy labor. The advancement in technology has made a completely new turn, and a demo home in Calverton, New York, has been constructed digitally.

The New York-based company that has listed a 3D printed house for sale for $299,999 (€248 506) has carried out a demo to illustrate the power of 3D printing that made this project a reality.

The 3D printed house is constructed with the help of a huge three-dimensional printer. The groundwork, floor, slabs, and foothold, even the house walls, are made up of the 3D printer.

The basic of the 3D printed invention of the house depends upon the 3D printed strips of cement and the linear slabs used to make the walls of the 3D printing house. SQ4D produced these under the supervision of a team of few experts with a minimal workforce only to cut labor costs.

The gigantic 3D printing machine was instructed to rotate and outflank and trail the floor plan to each round as it drives by. The construction team set the trajectories on the house’s structure, and the printer goes back and forth around the set trails to stack layers of cement on each other and builds the walls.

According to the company’s Operations head, the building, or we can say the printing of the walls, was completed in about 48 hours, and the complete house took only about eight days to be completed, which is incredibly lesser and consequently cheaper than that of regular construction.

This 3D printed house is built in 14000 sq. feet that mean 130 square meters and includes a detachable garage. The property site Zillow has been listed as a three-bedroom and two bathrooms house located nearby Riverhead.  The house is itemized at about $299,000 that is far less than any other house in the area. The house is still under the building, and a team of construction workers is still needed at the site location to complete and set up various modules of the house.

According to the directors of SQ4D, they had to build a giant-sized printer to fulfill their dream of printing a 3D house, and the idea of a humongous 3D printer was taken out from the ordinary plastic 3D printer which costs less than $500 but this titanic printer spits out cement.

In addition to this, the production house incorporates the carbon-neutral technique that took less than ten days to complete. As per the gigantic cement spitting 3D printer owner, they can build the house faster and replace the laborer’s intensity level and excrete concrete much more rapidly than they place bricks on the walls. Not everyone in the construction business was thrilled with the idea of replacing labor with 3-d Printing and building the houses in this way. However, the director of the SQ4D has a different opinion about it and says that we use diverse methods and advanced and different tools, but the final product is the same, a house made of cement and concrete. Moreover, with this technique, the houses can be built in less budget and time, which might come in handy to handle homelessness and aid in disasters.

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