To create a high-quality 3D object, an appropriate 3d printer is needed. However, choosing the right 3D printer can be difficult. There are a lot of printers that are available nowadays. It may come in different sizes and shapes. With that, finding the best one that will be suitable for your business seems not easy.

For beginners, educating oneself is the first step to successful 3D printing. Below is a beginner guide on how to choose a 3D printer.

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3D printer categories based on usage

  • Desktop 3D Printers

Desktop 3D printers or home 3D printers are typically desktop-sized machines that are easy to use especially for beginners. It is used by small businesses since it is affordable and does not require assembly. This printer also involves basic calibration.

  • 3D Printer Kits

This type of 3D printer will require the user to build and assemble the 3D parts. This type of printer is more difficult to operate compared to home 3D printers. It is often used by enthusiasts who have sufficient experience and knowledge with 3D printing.

  • Professional 3D printers

Industrial 3D printers are designed for professional applications such as direct manufacturing of functional parts. There are different sizes of industrial 3D printers from small machines to ones that are bigger than a car. It is usually expensive because it has more advanced software.

How to choose the best 3D printer for your needs?

For those who are planning to purchase one, here are some tips to help you get started.

  1. To avoid getting poor quality results, it will be helpful to intensively research on a certain 3D printer online. Know its special features and check some reviews on the chosen 3D printer model.
  2. Look for the best 3D printer which provides the best value for money. This doesn’t mean you have to spend too much but to choose printers with reasonable price. Although there are cheaper printers that are actually good, others may have low quality and may not meet your expectations.
  3. Factors such as ease of use, repair options and supporting software must also be considered.
  4. Take warranty into serious consideration. Although you may have made the right decision and pick a quality 3d printer with famous brand, but there is still a chance that it breaks down after a certain period of time. The length of the warranty usually shows the vendor’s confidence.
  5. Be careful of buying 3d printers from oversea as the shipping fee can be very expensive.



This beginner guide discusses the different categories of 3D printers based on its usage and also teaches you how to choose the best 3D printer that meets your requirement, which add some knowledge and help you start with 3D printing.

Getting the right 3d printer can be a complex task, but it all comes downs to your expectation and budget. So go ahead to research and purchase the right one now.

About the author

Aaron has been working for C-Mac industries Cooperative for over 7 years. C-Mac is a traditional substrative manufacturer in Sydney for over 50 years and decided to dive into 3d printing which is additive manufacturing at the beginning of 2018. As Aaron studies and researches 3d printing more and more, he is amazed by all the 3d printing technologies and the unlimited possibilities that 3d printing has bring and can bring to the world and Aaron is now truly belive that 3d printing can re-shape the manufacture industry”


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