Backed by Express Group’s 30 years of experience, GoPrint3D rebrands as Additive-X

GoPrint3D, a brand within Express Group known has rebranded as Additive-X to show the company’s evolution and reaffirm its position within the additive manufacturing industry.

A long road behind GoPrint3D explains this move and the new brand’s mission within the AM sphere. Indeed, since its founding in 1988, Express Group has been repairing 2D printers and providing spare parts. Over time, with the growing interest in 3D printing and the technology role in the manufacturing industry, it was quite obvious for the British company to diversify its offering and debut in the AM industry.

2012 therefore saw the creation of GoPrint3D within Express Group; a division that aimed to front the 3D printer sales, repairs and printing services. As a partner of various manufacturers including HP, Markforged & Formlabs, the company also acts as an authorized reseller and a supplier of 3D printing technologies in the UK & Ireland.

These AM activities quickly gained traction. From collaborations with large institutions such as Manchester Metropolitan University and Toyota to speaking opportunities at industry events and awards, the unit expands its business in 2017 by opening a technology centre with training facilities showcasing some of the additive manufacturing solutions from metal 3D printers to high-speed industrial printers.

To show this evolution, the company had decided to rebrand and to serve the market with a name that portrays its “industrial focus”.  

The UK got hit by the Covid-19; added to this, the Brexit issue and its ins-outs, many companies found themselves readjusting their strategy to this new modus operandi.

The new name Additive-X firmly positions them in the additive manufacturing industry with the ‘X’ linking to the 30+ years as Express Group. Simply defined, “Additive-X” embodies their collective drive to add value and do extra for their customers.

Behind the scenes the company has also undertaken a major project to upgrade to a new cloud-based ERP system at the same time as switching to Microsoft Teams to allow the staff to move seamlessly between homeworking and working at HQ.  Luckily Additive-X Ltd has its own specially built offices and warehouses which have a large capacity so it has been relatively easy to make their building ‘COVID-19 Secure’”, Additive-X said in a press release.

As the team is ready to pursue its adventure in the AM sphere, they cannot help but think that this overhaul is not only the result of a team effort. It is also the result of an experienced leader, Joanna Young who has truly helped build the company since 1993.

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