Authentise simplifies digital tracking of material powders for additive manufacturing

Examples of the workflow genealogy tree (Courtesy Authentise)
Examples of the workflow genealogy tree (Courtesy Authentise)

Authentise has recently released a major feature update to simplify the digital tracking of material powders for additive manufacturing.
Material Management enables customers to track all actions associated with the material, such as sieving, blending, testing or printing, to enable a full digital thread of the material. Operators can update the status seamlessly using apps on handheld devices while full reports and details, such as a full material genealogy tree, can be viewed in the browser. A tight integration with the MES associates the material traceability report with any part printed on the machine it was loaded into.

“Digital Material Management is the missing piece of the puzzle for us,” says Miguel Zavala, Project Leader in Laser Additive Manufacturing at TWI Ltd in the UK. “As a certified Lloyds Register lab, we have to prove that we’re following the right process at all times. The combination of AMES with a seamless material tracking tool delivers a full digital traceability of not only what we’ve done but everything that has happened to the part. We can use that data to improve our processes, provide automated reports to clients and work with our partners to develop better machines, materials, processes and designs.”

“We’re excited to be the only independent provider with an end-to-end digital material and part traceability solution,” says Andre Wegner, CEO of Authentise. “There’s still so much we don’t know about the additive process: How do storage conditions affect end part quality? How many times can we recycle, under what conditions? As a result, too much money is wasted as we default to the most secure and expensive options. The integration of our unique ability to draw together data from machines, operators, testing and now materials finally gives us the tools to understand these processes fully, and explain them to our partners.”

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