Anycubic launches two resin-based 3D printers and one FFF 3D printer

Anycubic attended the TCT Asia on May, 26, Shanghai (PRNewsfoto/Anycubic)

 Anycubic has recently unveiled three new 3D printers in its portfolio. The company headquartered in China is mostly known for the development of both resin & FFF-based 3D printers.

The new additions to its portfolio are the Anycubic Cloud platform-based Photon Mono X Pro, the Digital Light Processing (DLP)-based Photon Ultra and the FDM 3D printer Vyper

The newly released Anycubic Cloud platform-based light curing solution comes with a number of key features, including model library, cloud slicing, cloud printing, file transmission, remote monitoring, equipment management and online upgrade. The new solution lowers the threshold for 3D printing while simplifying the printing process. The Photon Mono X Pro redefines the light curing 3D printing experience by virtue of a 64-bit high-performance mainboard, which delivers a much superior performance than conventional light curing 3D printers in terms of computing and graphics processing capabilities.

Mono X Pro, the first Anycubic Cloud platform-based 3D printer (PRNewsfoto/Anycubic)

The Photon Ultra solution has been launched in partnershipwith Texas Instruments, a semiconductor design & manufacturing company. Based on DLP technology, James Ouyang, vice president of R&D at Anycubic, explains that the desktop 3D printer “boasts a UV light utilization rate of up to 95 per cent, far higher than the LCD series’ mere 1 to 5 per cent. With DLP technology, the new 3D printer increases the efficiency threefold compared with rivals that deploy the SLA printing technology. By combining DLP technology with Anycubic’s uniformly distributed and stable UV light source, Photon Ultra enables high precision and fast printing.” 

Photon Ultra, a major product with DLP technology launched with Texas Instruments (PRNewsfoto/Anycubic)

As for the latest 3D printer, the Vyper, it is designed to combine scratch-resistant coating with spring steel so that the part withstands deformation, even in high-temperature environments. The new FDM 3D printer features a levelling systems that enables one-click leveling and printing by automatically leveling the hotbed. The company ensures that the user interface is easy to use and switches seamlessly between Chinese and English. Vyper offers a higher printing speed (up to 100 mm/s) than conventional 3D printers of the same quality.

Vyper, Anycubic’s first FDM printer with fully automatic leveling (PRNewsfoto/Anycubic)

Over the past few years, Anycubic has maintained rapid growth with a continued commitment to in-house research and development of key 3D printing technologies, making it a pioneer and leader in the desktop 3D printer sector. The release of the three new disruptive products is a testament to the company’s extensive industry experience and technological competence,” said James Ouyang. “The three new printers have expanded the horizons of the 3D printing equipment market while widening the application of 3D printing technologies.”

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