Antleron to develop 3D bioprinting solutions using 3D Systems’ technologies

Leuven-based R&D facility Antleron ensures medical and life science innovation, including regenerative medicine. The research centre ambitions to support several projects in the field of 3D bioprinting.

In this sense, the team of research will leverage 3D Systems’ technologies and expertise in medical 3D printing. Antleron’s ‘living therapy factory’ merges cells, biomaterials, biologics as well as bioreactors. 3D Systems printers will therefore help accelerate the engineering of living therapies.

To explore these advanced therapy medicinal product (ATMP) applications, the R&D facility will leverage 3D Systems’ ProJet® MJP 2500 and Figure 4® 3D printers and existing portfolio of 21 biocompatible, USP Class VI materials; 3D Sprint® and 3DXpert® software, as well as post-processing equipment and processes.

This equipment will enable both teams to reduce risk mitigation by establishing a flexible, scalable Digital Factory approach, built on modular and closed parametric processes.

An example is to advance the way cells and tissues are grown to enable the transition from a static 2D to bioreactor-based 3D cell culture. This can lead to new ways to manufacture functionalized medical implants, vaccines, cell therapies, and living tissues.

According to Antleron CEO, Jan Schrooten, “The vision of Antleron is to sustainably bring living therapies into the clinic. 3D printing is key to this endeavor, and we are eager to collaborate with 3D Systems and its experts. I look forward to the pioneering solutions we’ll be able to achieve to elevate the efficacy of bioprinting and extend its biomedical application reach.”

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