Chinese manufacturer of FDM 3D Printers, Anet, has released a new FDM 3D Printer. Named Anet ET4, the 3D Printer would include the most recent upgrades that have been made in 3D Printers. Popular within the makers community, the manufacturer claims that the 3D Printer delivers industrial grade parts.

It will only take 10 minutes to users to assemble the 3D Printer, not to mention that they can 3D print on a more stable and compact construction design. Anet ET4 supports auto-leveling, resume printing and filament detection. Other relevant features of the 3D Printer include power outage recovery, automatic filament assignment, as well as 2.8-Inch Touchscreen.

The first and most crucial step towards ensuring the success of a 3D print is to level your build plate. The ET4 features a 25 points auto-leveling function to make this tricky and time-consuming process easier, especially for beginners. A printhead-mounted induction sensor probes the bed in a grid, applying mesh-based compensation that ensure you print on a level bed every time.

Furthermore, manufacturers increasingly add a power-outage recovery mode to enable users to pick up the printing process exactly where it left off during a blackout. All-round stability in the Anet ET4 comes from the use of both pulleys on the X- and Y-axis, reducing operational noise, and the high strength aluminum extrusion frame. An enclosed unibody design gives additional rigidity and contributes to the Anet ET4’s sleek looks and compact size.

As far as filament detection is concerned, once the sensor detects the end of the filament, an alert on the ET4’s large color touchscreen will notify you to load new material. Print longer and larger, with no fear of unfinished and mid-air prints.

While the 2.8-inch LCD touchscreen display facilitates the control of the printing process, hands-free filament loading at the press of a button simplifies print preparation with the ET4, ensuring the user can focus on the creative while the printer does all the work. Better still, the ET4 does not only load and unload filament, but it also keeps track of the used material.

Priced at US $279, Anet ET4 aims to bring high-quality made parts for an affordable device.

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