The medical technology company Admetus has announced some developments of its patented Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement (TAVR) project. Trials have begun with the first implantation of its 3D printed single-piece aortic heart valve in a sheep.

The medical technology company has worked with a European laboratory to conduct “Experimental assessment of the Admedus valve – ovine model of aortic valve replacement” study.

A trial conducted using a sheep

The sheep has been chosen as living subject in order to examine the safety and feasibility of the 3D single-piece moulded valve.

For this first trial, 3D valves were run out to 400 million cycles (approx. 10 years of human use) with a competitor valve as a control.  Whilst the Admedus valves remained functional after 400 million cycles, the competitor valve showed significant fatigue at 250 million cycles.

The trial period is expected to take about 5 months and will involve multiple animals, before extending to larger animals (calves) for testing the valves in a TAVR setting.

By using the ADAPT technology, the company will offer the first and only TAVR, with proven resistance to calcification and superior biomechanical control capabilities. Thanks to these capabilities, one can expect the TAVR to deliver predictable and improved outcomes. This device has the potential to be a game-changer for patients, the Company and the US$3.5B TAVR market,” the CEO, Mr Paterson said.

Patent applications relating to its TAVR device are still pending in the US.

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