Shown left – right: Jordan Weston and Vince Anewenter (RPC); Pratik Shah, Kial Gramley and Alex Cairns (Adaptive3D)

Adaptive3D Technologies partners with the Milwaukee School of Engineering (MSOE) Rapid Prototyping Consortium (RPC) that will leverage its Elastic ToughRubber (ETR) 90, a high-strain photopolymer for additive manufacturing.

Adaptive3D delivers polymer resins for additive manufacturing and specialty end applications. The company has collaborated with other material producers such as DSM to develop and commercialize a resin-based soft rubber-like material. However, the material developed with DSM is sold under the name Soft ToughRubber.

The Rapid Prototyping Center (RPC) is an applied research center that helps businesses achieve prototype more quickly and take products to market faster. This joint effort of industry, government and MSOE is dedicated to the application of proven technologies to novel challenges.

Application of elastomeric materials

In the past, it has been challenging to additively manufacture elastomeric materials with rubber-like or polyurethane-like performance, especially those with high tear strength and sufficient strain capacity. ETR 90, a photoresin designed for DLP™ based 3D printing of flexible parts, achieves a high tear strength of 46kN/m along with greater than 200% elongation. Furthermore, it maintains this performance across a broad temperature window, including cold weather.

“The MSOE Rapid Prototyping Consortium is a top regional applied research center focused on additive manufacturing with an unparalleled membership of leading manufacturers,” said Kial Gramley, VP Sales & Marketing at Adaptive3D. He went on to say that “we are thrilled to partner with the RPC to enable its partner companies to develop and produce flexible parts and products with this high-performance additive manufacturing elastomer, suitable for all seasons of use.”

Vince Anewenter, RPC Director at MSOE, stated “Adaptive3D is one of the most exciting new companies to join our consortium as an RPC Development Partner, and we have already begun working with our members to identify and develop applications with this high-performance elastomer.”

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