It feels like being in a dinette game but no, the computer scientist Paul-Louis Ageneau just created a dancing teapot printed in 3D …A way to bring more fun to a tea time with friends!

Eccentric dance movements are one of the most fun features of this little toy. Instructions of the teapot can be downloaded on Ageneau’s GitHub page.


About the manufacturing

The 3D modeling software OpenSCAD is used to design this teapot. The computer scientist then prints each part 3D in the polyactide thermoplastic (PLA). After this step, 4 servos are attached to the robot’s legs and anchors. They are then affixed to the Arduino Mini Pro microcontroller card.

In this program, Paul-Louis programmed the teapot’ dance movements that are powered by a 9-volt alkaline battery.


The famous robot printed in 3D on Thingiverse, Bob Robot, inspired Paul-Louis. For him, the Bob Robot “inspired an impressive number of clones with [have a] really good design. The most famous ones might be Zowi, and more recently Otto. They are both simple, cheap, open-source and 3D printed little robots which have refined [Bob’s] two-legged design.

However, the designer insists on the fact that he is “not a fan of their strange square heads.” 😉

He just wanted to have a dancing teapot, and he was inspired by Bob!