3D Printing Gets Personal With New Expert Advice

This holiday season will lead to a multitude of people purchasing their first 3D printer – of these 3D printing beginners, many will contribute to the advancement of additive manufacturing.

Additive manufacturing is the 4th industrial revolution and there is a long way to go before it plateaus. 3D printing used to be primarily used for prototyping products, but is increasingly being used to create finished projects. The best way to celebrate being a part of a major industrial revolution is by educating those less experienced, and making 3D printing accessible to as many people as possible. That’s where HELP ME 3D PRINT comes in. 

HELP ME 3D PRINT aims to introduce and educate interested personnel to the world of 3D printing, while helping to expand the work of those who already own low-cost machines. The 3D printing experts offer technical advice directly to customers through video chat.

There are many ways to learn about 3D printing or how to troubleshoot a generic problem with a machine using online resources. What sets this service is apart is our mission to provide a more personal experience to accommodate the uniqueness of each person’s situation“, says Alexander Diehm, founder of Andaconna LLC, which operates HELP ME 3D PRINT. “I remember some of the questions I had when getting started, and I would have appreciated having that level of personal mentorship.” 

Helpme3dprint.com exists to serve customers who are looking to find out more about what machine is right for them, necessary softwares, and printing on a budget; as well as individuals who already have a 3D printer, but are having trouble with print quality or machine failure. 

Diehm reflects further: 

I purchased a 3D printer while studying Engineering in college. During that time I encountered a major issue with my machine, and set it aside for several months. Unfortunately, as common with most inexpensive machines, the customer service provided by the manufacturer was non existent or not very effective. How many people give up on 3D printing or set their machines aside for an extended period of time? This is easily preventable, we just need someone to talk to, someone with answers.

That’s when Diehm created the idea for helpme3Dprint.com – experts in 3D printing act as a contractor and use pockets of free time to provide personalized troubleshooting and education for beginners. Customers pay a small amount for half an hour to talk with an expert technician. 

Customers select an available time that works for them and automatically match with an expert. This allows customers to have their broken machine, failed print, or questions ready, and allows the experts to plan ahead for their day. This also allows each technician to treat the customer with personalized attention and detail, driven with clear communication and understanding. Technicians offer troubleshooting options to attempt during or after your call, and may suggest parts to purchase and install if one is broken. 

My hope is that this service will strengthen the betterment of additive manufacturing and contribute to a void that exists in the robust 3D printing community“, says Diehm. 

This article has been written by By Katrina Flick 

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