3D Pen & Wood filament enabled to reproduce a tree sculpture

Martin Binder, an artist based in Berlin, has accomplished a 4 meter long portrait using a 3D pen and wood filament.

The branch, created by hand, looks identical to a branch taken from a tree. In fact, the visual impressions carry haptic and olfactory characteristics, which are close to those of an original tree. With the use of glass, it is possible to discern each line within the drawing which are close to one and another.

Image via Design Boom

The Creation

250 hours were needed for the artist to achieve this sculpture of such a magnitude.

I spend a lot of time on instagram, where I consume images behind a glass screen…this work is a three- dimensional equivalent to digital media consumption. a fragment of a tree can be visually experienced behind the glass walls of the unconventional exhibition space

To explain his creative techniques in regards to 3D printing, Martin explains that his eyes became the 3D scanner and his hands, the 3D printer. With an attentive eye, one can discover a meticulous construction which came to life with the use of a 3D pen and a wood filament.

Image via Design Boom

The sculpture is available to the public 24/7 in the public space in Berlin, precisely in the “Mitte-nord” corner of the gallery.

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