3D CNC Foam changes the game in Event Marketing

Denver Broncos Foam3D™ entrance structure that combined three-dimensional foam, truss, and pyrotechnics. (PRNewsfoto/Britten)

The thing with marketing is that brands need to have explosive ideas to draw the attention of consumers. Aware of that, marketers are now going beyond the 2D standard by introducing foam sculptures to their list of capabilities.

The integration of Expanded Polystyrene Foam (EPS) structures

The integration of EPS structures brings depth and visual interest at experiential events through life-sized props which make the mass audience interact.

New techniques include 3D laser scanning, multifaceted foam routing, and automated hot wire cutting that allows you to transform ideas, drawings, photos, or digital files into foam replicas of any size or detail.

For a design to be larger than normal, it can be machined into multiple sections and assembled like a puzzle. Lastly, the finished product can be sanded to a fine finish and a protective Polyeura coating can be applied for durability and corrosion resistance.


Denver Broncos Foam3D™ entrance structure that combined 3D foam, truss, and pyrotechnics. (Britten)

The 3D foam market

This market now plays a key role in a range of industries such as architecture, film and television, theme parks, sports and entertainment venues, and event marketing.

Foam3D™ has started to be added to the lineup of large format printing and specialty fabrication in creative production house.

Investing in this technology was the next logical step for us,” said Paul Britten, CEO of Britten. “Foam3D™ joins our roster of diverse in-house capabilities, including fabric and mesh banners, tension frames, pop-up stores with BoxPop™, EventTruss™ structures, as well as custom woodworking and metal fabrication. We can produce virtually any custom display right here in Traverse City, Michigan.”

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