Wiivv personalized printed sandals expected for the summer!

Personalized sandals printed in 3D are the specialty of Wiivv, a shoe brand.
Founded in 2014, Wiivv is a bionic company that creates customized 3D prints using 3D mapping technology.
Wiivv eases its products’ access to all its consumers through its innovative modelling and manufacturing process.
Indeed, via the Wiivv smartphone application (available for IOS and Google play), users simply need to take pictures of their foot from different angles. The Wiivv application will then map more than 200 data points of each foot, which are automatically transformed into an accurate 3D model.

This 3D model of the foot is used to print the customized arch supports and make the sandals according to the measurements of the user’s foot. The consumer can choose the sandal’s colour, the arch and the strap.
So, Wiivv proposes customized sandals for about 95$. The company is waiting for the summer by preparing the launch of a kickstarter campaign for these innovative personalized sandals. Funders can get their own pair from 70$!
Last but not least, this kickstarter campaign, which was officially launched on March 23rd, has already raised more than 60,000$, the goal being 250,000$. If this crowdfunding is successful, funders can expect to receive their 3D printed sandals between July and August 2017. So let’s cross our fingers for them!



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