Information security is a crucial point in an additive manufacturing workflow software and if 3D printing companies are not yet fully aware of this issue, then, companies like AMFG & LEO Lane are there to raise awareness and bring the required expertise in order ensure strong security at every stage of their production.

The difference between AMFG & LEO Lane is that the first one supplies workflow automation software whereas the second helps companies to securely manage additive manufacturing, anywhere anytime, using a SaaS solution.

Both companies showcased their solutions at the Formnext event. Today, they will integrate their software solutions to provide 3D printing companies a secure solution for end-to-end AM workflow management, including virtual inventories and on-demand production.

Combining their strengths across two areas

Thanks to this collaboration, AMFG will be able to improve its MES system by integrating LEO Lane’s security solutions to its offering. These solutions consist in protecting IP, securing and real-time tracking of digital assets, enforcing control over consistency, quality and quantity of parts and products as part of a secured workflow management system.

On the other hand, LEO Lane’s customers will integrate AMFG’s workflow management solutions in their manufacturing processes. The solutions of the software specialist comprise production scheduling, post-processing scheduling and file preparation tools.

As the complexity of threats such as financial losses because of a production downtime increases over time, detection becomes difficult but is not impossible. Such type of issue can be solved if 3D printing companies have a defined communication line with providers that are able to offer an end-to-end solution. That’s the mission of AMFG & LEO Lane.

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