The challenging times we are living give idea of useful products to companies or innovators, products that might help flatten the curve of COVID-19. FICEP S3, a Spain-based company has recently imagined a system which can sterilize the air and can ensure that 95% of all bacteria, viruses and microorganisms in it disappear, including the aerosol containers for droplets carrying SARS-CoV-2. 

Named AMS mini, the 3D printable device can be used in any environment. It was first built with hospitals, laboratories and buildings in mind where large volumes of emission-free air are required. In this vein, the modular air management system was originally designed for the daVINCI paint line drying system.

According to the manufacturer, it is certainly one of the first devices in the industry which can reach up to 167 degrees Celsius of dry air using 37 KW, generating 0 emissions, without using fossil fuel burning. Now, this same system can be used, through a compact 12vDC tabletop device, to clean the air from spaces and release almost 100% of all pathogens that are active in the air collected by the system. The result is the same air, but dry and sterilized.

An adapted mini model was therefore required to leverage the solution for personal use. Through a desk-size device, the incoming air is filtered and treated through a wide spectrum of UV light within the cyclone maze before it is silently ejected from its top.

Images via FICEP S3

It should be reminded that COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2) cannot be transmitted through the air, but from the contact of the drops that come out of the cough, sneezing or even when touching infected people without any protection. However, there are specific circumstances in which the droplets can remain up to three hours on average after being expelled.

These drops, called aerosols, can be suspended in the air for several hours, depending on the heat and humidity, and can be transmitted over distances greater than one meter. These circumstances include for instance hospitals environments where the procedures performed by the healthcare staff on patients can generate aerosols. 

In such cases, it could be wise to have a device such as AMS meant to purify the environment.

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