La Machinerie: the fab fab from Amiens that grows!

A workshop with tools dedicated to the additive manufacturing and the activities related to the DIY, the collaborative entrepreneurship, the digital one or the craft that would be opened 16h / week, is the attractive proposal of La Machinerie to 3D printing lovers and entrepreneurs.
The association behind this fab lab will relocate to 1 bis, rue de la Vallée in Amiens this summer. It would like to welcome users from September 2017.
Users will discover new services including:

  • A digital manufacturing workshop for professionals
  • A “Digital Artisan / Entrepreneur Maker” training, which will begin in November, as part of the Grande Ecole du Numérique
  • A more spacious coworking that would welcome independent workers and teleworkers
  • A showroom used as a showroom for fablab projects and gallery for artists / craftsmen
    And many more….
    To conduct this project, a crowdfunding campaign is launched on helloasso. A threshold of 10 000 € is expected to allow the team to easily arrange the fab lab.

For further information about 3D printing, follow us on our social networks! 

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