Julia Daviy’s parametric Black Ocean Dress is created using 3D printing

Julia Daviy is an ecologist that saw in 3D printing the opportunity to reduce environmental costs associated to clothing production.

Her very first experience with 3D printing was in 2016, and since then, she exploits the technology in her passion: creating delicate and futuristic clothing.

She recently finished the creation of the parametric Black Ocean Dress, a unique piece of art fabricated using biodegradable flexible filament and 3D technology.

It required about 80 hours to Julia to achieve this dress and via this dress, her aim is to draw attention to the problem facing the Oceans, such as overfishing, the killing of sharks and other sea predators, dying coral reefs and massive pollution.

Image credit: Julia Daviy

Taking advantage of 3D printing to preserve nature increasingly becomes the concern of associations and entrepreneurs. A concern that is most of the time highlighted to feature big brands.

Still with the aim of protecting the environment but in the health industry, Million Waves Project (MWP) turns recycled ocean plastic into 3D printed prosthetic hands.

However, if recycled ocean plastic is the material used by MWP for prosthetic hands, it should be noted that in the fashion industry, Julia thinks improvements are still to be made:

Filament is not ready to replace fabric completely just yet”, she says, “but it’s only a matter of time. As it stands today, the technology is already good enough to create better clothes than certain materials, like leather. For example, I created a top and a skirt that look as if I used a laser to intricately cut them from a piece of leather, but it’s entirely flexible and biodegradable vegetable-based plastic. It was faster, cheaper, and more sustainable than using leather.”

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