JEDEC to facilitate the use of 3D models of Electronic components

PCB Design with Nano Dimension DragonFly

JEDEC is an organization that specializes in the development of standards for the microelectronics industry. It gathers nearly 300 member companies that work together in over 100 JEDEC committees and task groups to meet the needs of every segment of the industry, manufacturers and consumers alike.

PCB Design with Nano Dimension DragonFly

Speaking of the microelectronics industry, one issue the organization recently addressed was the use of 3D models of electronic components. Indeed, until now, 3D models did not share a standard universal format, which did not facilitate the importation of 3D models by most common 3D CAD software packages used in the industry.

The new standard XML schema

The JC-11 committee has therefore developed and published a new standard XML schema under JEP30, which aligns to the recently published JESD30H document to enable software to generate 3D models automatically based on user or database inputs.

The demand for 3D models in electronics design and manufacturing is set to grow exponentially with the expansion of the Internet of Things and the drive towards Digital Manufacturing through automation.  JEDEC is helping to enable this growth through the development of 3D models for our standard designs to complement the 2D drawings offered today and by establishing a universal schema for presenting real part data to software.  These resources will greatly reduce time to market, eliminate opportunities for human error, and reduce manufacturing costs across the industry.” said John Norton, JEDEC JC-11 Chairman.

Even though it has not been put forward, this new format will enable the microelectronics industry to lower design and system costs in a certain extent.

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