Industrial 3D Printing: EOS, between innovation and strategic cooperation

EOS unveils its latest industrial AM system, EOS M 300 Series – And strengthens its collaboration with Siemens

Industrial 3D printing is welcoming a new family member: EOS M 300-4, a system which is part of the broader, modular metal 3D printing platform EOS M 300 for digital industrial additive manufacturing (AM) production.

With this machine, the manufacturer develops its portfolio of Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS) systems. Experts will certainly recognize the famous EOS M 290 as part of systems that integrate this technology.

With a build volume of 300 x 300 x 400 mm, the system will be useful in a variety of sectors including aerospace, industry, medical, tooling and automotive.

This time, customers can choose between different solutions: “one, two or four lasers, multi power laser configurations (400 or 1,000 Watt), fixed or variable focus, different types of recoaters, new and expanded exposure strategies, part handling (manual or automated), monitoring options and three different clamping systems (3R, Delphin, Erowa). Customers can also flexibly choose between two powder dosing options for full build jobs without refilling: bottom-up dosing to become independent of materials particle size distribution; and automated, top dosing to enable a closed loop solution.

The system will be compatible with the EOS Shared Modules in which manual or automated peripheral modules and transport logistics supply several EOS metal AM systems.

When the EOS M 300 series integrates Siemens automation and drive technology 

The manufacturer calls for Siemens to integrate some components from the Totally Integrated Automation (TIA) portfolio.

This was not the first collaboration between the two companies. As a reminder, Siemens equipped the EOS P 500 system for polymer 3D printing on an industrial scale.

At a software level, an EOSPRINT driver is now available for the Siemens NX12 AM module. EOSPRINT 2 is an intuitive, open and productive CAM tool that allows businesses to optimize CAD data for EOS systems. Siemens NX 12 is a seamless end to end solution starting with design, via topology optimization and process simulation to print preparation in one user interface.

Lastly, EOS becomes part of the AMEC, Siemens Additive Manufacturing Experience Center. The latter provides an overview on AM technologies and information about the industrial requirements for AM-design, -simulation and -production. It also offers an interactive experience, where the integrated seamless AM chain and the AM relevant products of Siemens are shown.

Speaking about this partnership, Dr. Karsten Heuser, VP of Additive Manufacturing at Siemens AG, said: “A fast industrialization of additive manufacturing can only be unleashed by a close co-operation of experts from a software, automation and drive system angle with industrial 3D printing experts, as is the case with Siemens and EOS. We are therefore proud to move with EOS into the next level of industrialization, which will help transforming additive manufacturing further from the prototyping phase into industrial serial production.”

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