Free & unlimited 3D printing, the next step for XponentialWorks to foster the development of this technology

Image via XPRIZE

XPRIZE, a non-profit organization that designs and organizes competitions that will bring solutions to humanity’s key challenges has designated XponentialWorks as the official partner for all generative design and AM.

Founded by Avi Reichental, XponentialWorks is an ecosystem that is committed to fostering the development of new technologies such as artificial intelligence, digital manufacturing, 3D printing, robotics, as well as to ensuring the digital transformation of traditional businesses.

As part of this partnership, the company will provide XPRIZE with free and unlimited 3D printing services. In a conversation with 3D ADEPT Media at Formnext 2018, Avi underlined his commitment to sharing knowledge in order to help manage disruption brought by new technologies and one way he does that is through XPRIZE.  

Indeed, given the nature of its competitions, participants to competitions are often-early stage companies that are given the possibility to exploit rapid prototyping at a reduced cost and lead time. This way, they can test new models and develop more solid prototypes within the competitions.

A big part of harvesting the upside of exponential tech disruption is the responsibility and privilege to pay it forward and no other organization packs the long lasting societal and economic impact of XPRIZE,” said Avi Reichental. “It is truly an honor to be part of building a bridge to abundance with XPRIZE by continuing our talents and resource to leave behind a better world for all mankind.”

Starting today, confirmed teams competing for a current XPRIZE can share their designs with XponentialWorks to receive 3D-printed parts, at no cost, wherever they may be in the world.

At Formnext, Avi tolds us “there’s never been a more exciting or better time to be in 3D printing & additive manufacturing.” “The opportunities that aroused are really incredible although many challenges remain. We haven’t [yet] solved everything, nobody can do it alone. We need coalitions, ecosystems and partnerships.”

We therefore believe that helping these teams to embrace 3D printing in their own production is just the next step of this adventure that XponentialWorks is experiencing, an adventure that started a few years ago with other collaborating companies: NXT Factory, Nexa3D, Supercraft3D, etc.

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