Credit: fizik

Bike components are probably the application that is propelling the growth of AM in the sports industry.  If you add to that custom-made options, you obtain a recipe that may attract a lot of bike enthusiasts and professionals of this sport.

Fizik, a company that develops a range of bike saddles, cycling shoes, bike accessories for road cycling, mountain bike and gravel, is surfing on that trend by unveiling custom 3D printed saddles.

Called “One-to-One”, the OEM unveils this service with the support of Carbon, a 3D printer manufacturer that you probably saw during the launch of the Argo Adaptive saddle. While Carbon’s DLS technology is acknowledged for such applications, it should be noted that a similar service was launched last year by Czech tech company Posedla using MJF technology.

Giovanni Fogal, fizik brand manager explains that a good, accurate fit depends on many factors: bike geometry, intended use, saddle shape, and position. “But most importantly every cyclist is unique: experience, sensitivity, history of injuries, body shape, riding goals. All of this can affect the way we sit on the saddle,” he adds.

In order to build your perfect bespoke saddle, we must first gather the relevant data—and that means creating your personal pressure profile. Working with an authorized One-to-One dealer and a proprietary pressure-mapping technology developed together with the experts at gebioMized, you’ll be led through a dynamic fit session to identify your ideal saddle shape while highlighting pressure peaks, hotspots, imbalances, or instability, the company explains on its website.

Tthe saddle is produced at Fizik’s HQ in northern Italy and shipped to the customer’s address. Once the saddle is delivered and installed, cyclists can visit the dealership for a final consultation. During this session, their new pressure data is compared to the data from their previous saddle setup, showcasing the improvements.

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